What Is Still Ok To Hate? And It's Still Kicking Around.....
How effective was CPI propaganda? It's still here and it is still doing its job! Some libraries still take
up shelf space with this junk and there are hundreds of listings of this garbage on internet auction
sites yearly, doing grave damage after almost a century. Often, these items are accompanied by a
seller's furious personal venting of his/her prejudice and loathing of Germans. "The Devil's Cradle"
made an appearance recently with the startling sight of a vicious Hun appearing at the foot of the
innocent maiden's bed! It instructs the reader about "German arrogance, kultur and conceit". Of
course there are milder books. One listing for a "rare" old CPI pamphlet was accompanied by the
seller's nearly hysterical elaboration and lengthy, bigoted, description in a huge font well beyond the
point of necessity:
With the horrendous atrocities committed against the Belgian, French, Russian, Polish, and English
peoples, it describes in one German soldier's words "the beautiful sight of burning villages illuminating
the night sky in every direction." With details of mass Deportations and Forced Labor, this book
describes wholesale, wanton destruction of entire cities and villages, along with the terrorizing and
brutal crackdowns of collaborators, sympathizers, and innocent alike. Describes fines levied against
local towns, leaders, and civilians who interfered, told are the various methods of reprisal; and the
near certain consequences of those who dared to confront this murderous lot." (etc.)
"This 1917 book entitled "German War Practices" provides eyewitness accounts including excerpts
from the real diaries German troops and the official report on the horrific massacres and atrocities
inflicted by the German forces during World War One. This book with tales of torture and genocide,
describes methods by which the Germans sacked and burned villages; throwing civilians into burning
homes, torturing, and routinely killing innocent men, women and children. Detailing a campaign of
systematic brutality, this work provides a grim record of the German onslaught;
There's bound to be a few old C.P.I. propaganda books left floating around, right? No, there are
hundreds and hundreds, and most are still passed off as factual accounts. They are repeat offenders.
Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages
Printed by His Majesty’s Stationery Office in 1915. complete in two volumes.
Provides details of hundreds of witnessed reports on alleged atrocities by the civilian population
and other including using civilians as a screen, killing, wounding, firing on hospitals etc,
abuse of Red Cross, abuse of the white flag.
Eg. Belgian refugee – "On Sunday September 27th, between 9 and 10 am, I saw the Germans in
Alost take 37 civilians (all men) and put them in front of their soldiers and make them march
forward so that if the Belgians fired on the German troops they would necessarily kill the Belgian
civilians first. I myself saw the bodies of two of these civilians in the afternoon of the same day
who had been shot, as well as three German soldiers."
The two booklets are in very good condition; very clean and tight; Free of foxing and browning.
Binding is sound and complete if a little faded. No inscriptions. Rare to see in such nice condition.
( No, it's not rare. It's here all the time. )
The infamous "Bryce Report of Alleged German Atrocities" came out in 1915 and fueled the rage
against Germany, fomenting world war. Translated into 27 languages, it contained gruesome and
hate-inspiring illustrations of Germans spearing babies and eating their flesh. Even though thoroughly
debunked later by Belgium, the USA and even Britain for not having even one major allegation ever
corroborated, its lying author maintained his sterling reputation and it is still being treated as fact:
One of the Hate Gang's most successful tactics was the "in their own words" gimmick. They would
simply make up a character with a silly sounding German name, give "him" the title of Duke, Prince
or General and "quote" him as he spouted off infuriating diatribes calculated to make the reader hate
the Hun. The 1917 book "Christine" by "Alice Cholmondeley" was one of the most successful
propaganda books because it gave people an "inside look" at the bad character of the average
German. Published by the Macmillian Company in 1917, it presented a compilation of letters from a
young English girl studying in Germany just before the outbreak of the war. The British promoted
the fictional book as fact. The author was actually British novelist, Elizabeth Russell, who was once
married to a minor German noble, apparently not too happily. Revenge is sweet.
Almost like the myriad of UXBs from the last war that lethally hide under German soil today, it will
take decades for this stuff to go away. Meanwhile, it still poisons young minds. But, back to the
books. Now, this missive must be the truth. It's written by a REAL German secret agent!! Oh, there
are two..no, at least twenty. One even has the German Eagle on the cover! "Up for bids is this
ABSOLUTELY GREAT looking vintage hardcover book entitled: THE SECRETS OF THE
BURT COMPANY, NEW YORK. Copyright 1914."
Our friend Arthur Conan Doyle is back. He's here a lot. He really enjoyed hating Germans almost as
much as he once hated Belgians. Actually, he hated anyone not British. Old Nurse Cavell visits us
again, too, in another tidbit: "The full title of this 15-page piece was published in London in 1915 is
'Correspondence With the United States Ambassador Respecting the Execution of Miss Clavell at
Brussels.' On October 12, 1915, Miss Clavell was executed by German firing squad. A fascinating
piece about a little known aspect of WWI." (The only thing "little known" is the story of the two
German nurses who were executed by the Brits!)
Who can forget France? Published in 1917, also by George H. Doran Co., Arnold Toynbee's book
relates the suffering and agony being inflicted on the French by the "brutal, bloodthirsty and
uncivilized German soldiers". Hodder & Stoughton's 1917 London book about France pops up again:
"Frightfulness in Retreat; Proceedings of the French Senate, March 31, 1917; German Atrocities in
the Liberated Districts (Official Report of the French Commission Appointed to Investigate Acts
Committed by the Enemy in Violation of the Law of Nations). Stunning, disturbing, filled with
anecdotal information."
A sticker attached to the front of the fear mongering pamphlet "The New German Empire" states:
"This Pamphlet is sent you by the War Committee of the Union League Club of Chicago. After you
have read it, please pass it on in order that the message it carries may reach the largest number of
persons." This was typical of the publications of George H. Doran Company, the major publishing
source for the British Government's propaganda. They published a number of other books on the
War including two by James W. Gerard, the former fat, spoiled American Ambassador to Germany
who was wined, dined, feted and fawned on by the Germans during his tenure there only to return
home and become a German hater-baiter when politically expedient.
And We Love Lucy: "The Lusitania Massacre is one of the great landmarks in history, not alone in
American history but in human history, because it ensured German defeat in the World War. FIRST
EDITION, 1915."
German business was a primary concern. Baby-eating Huns apparently had faulty economies, and
slews of economists, professors and business leaders issued their perspectives on the Germans from
the monetary angle. But it then erratically escalates from the Mark to mayhem and we progress from
German economic atrocities to more gore as semi-hysterical sellers take regular old German books
and pervert their meanings to fit their own personal prejudice:
An old German medical book is described by an "expert": "Ultra Rare 1919 GERMAN GRAPHIC
a fact that Germany and virtually all the German speaking lands have a long history of displaying
physically challenged people in Carnivals and Circus Sideshows as “Freaks.” The German fascination
with grotesqueness and deformity is starkly evident in this unforgettable German book from 1919."
(Guess who the freak is?)
Thank goodness the Hun was finally "outwitted" by the goofy looking guys on the covers of kids'
books. But do you suppose one would find a book title using any other racially or ethnically insulting
epithet on a major internet auction site? Very doubtful. In fact, it is not supposed to be allowed, with
one exception..the HUN..no, two exceptions: Hun and KRAUT, both used freely, frequently and
with no bad feedback. Actually, that is pretty much an outrage.
Even a better description surfaced for another copy a mere week later: "For auction is a copy of
Arnold J. Toynbee's THE GERMAN TERROR IN FRANCE, London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1917.
This book describes unbelievable German devastation to French villages and French civilians. It
makes the butchering in Iraq look like a pleasure cruise."
Who could forget the 'German terror' in Africa?! Not anybody soon. It's really rather duplicitous
since the propaganda was put out by a colonialist government that at one point in history had almost
a quarter of the earth's darker-complected people squarely under its own bloody thumb.
Known as Mary Annette Gräfin von Arnim, after she was widowed she married Bertrand Russell's
elder brother in 1916. She also had an affair with H. G. Wells. In the book, "Christine" explains her
experience with German culture in detailed letters helped to portray an unflattering  picture of the
supposed state of mind of the German public: how the Germans all conform and develop bloodlust at
the thought of getting rich through war.  "[The] Germans have gone mad… [The streets] seem full of
drunken people, shouting up and down with red faces all swollen with excitement.” Christine tells of
the incessant marching and the callousness of the "greedy, and pitiful” Germans. It was a big hit, and
when it was found to be a hoax, the pundits still oozed out their blessings on the bound pack of lies.
US millionaire, Fritz von Frantzius cranked out "The Book of Truth and Facts" in 1916; The public
loved the tell-all accounts of the wicked German character and these books were eagerly promoted.
We had "Degenerate Germany" by Henry de Halsalle, "The Peril of Prussianism" and "My German
correspondence; concerning Germany's responsibility for the war and for the method of its conduct,
being a letter from a German professor together with a reply and foreword" (whew!) by  Douglas
Wilson Johnson and "Germanism from Within" by A. D McLaren.
Academic historians like Professors William Roscoe Thayer ("Germany vs. Civilization : notes on the
atrocious war"), Munroe Smith, Charles Downer Hazen and Albert Bushnell Hart gave an aura of
"scholarly" respectability to this vulgar, coarse, emotional, Germanophobic propaganda. Thayer
(1859–1923) was, for example, a Harvard educated American author elected to the American
Academy of Arts and Letters in 1914, and he received honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale,
Brown, and other universities. A guy like that would never lie! Neither would J.H. Morgan in 1916 in
"German Atrocities: an Official Investigation" which explains the viciousness of the German character.
Another 1918 Creel booklet talks about "The Kaiserite In America - One Hundred and One German
Lies". Contents include a list of 101 German whoppers. When Germans weren't lying, and only
Germans lie, they were planning the next war. "German Plans for the Next War" by J.W. Gardiner;
Doubleday, 1918, was another scare book detailing various nefarious plots and intrigues for German
world dominion. The seller says it is a "boldly prophetic and highly informative read".
Germans had a lot of English nannies for folks who were supposed to regard the British as mortal
enemies! Sometimes they even entrusted an "English-American" (?) governess to rear their young .
Kids got in on the act thanks to government sponsored out-of-work writers. Smart kids could always
"baffle" the Germans to death if they couldn't battle them.
"Bob Cook and the German Air Fleet" is book #2 in the "Flag and Country Series" written by Paul
G. Tomlinson, published in hardcover by Barse & Co. in 1918. Hundreds of kids' serial books
jam-packed with hunisms and krautisms were both sold and distributed free in schools and public
libraries by the Creel commission. It was a sign of patriotism for kids to have these little books
crammed in their backpack...even when the war was over. Now their grandchildren can read them.
The "Bafflers" had help from a gangly kid who saved the world from the Huns in "Dave Darrin and
the German Submarines" by H. Irving Hancock, 1919. This kid (who likely wouldn't even take out
the family garbage) is rounding up Germans masquerading as Mexicans.
In "Gems (?) Of German Thought: Kultur Self-Revealed. An Anthology of the German War
Scriptures", 1917, British news writer and drama critic William Archer translated a mess of alleged
quotations from famous historic German figures out of context and restructured them in such a way
that proves that all past and present Germans, from poets to farmers and physicists, are militant,
blood-thirsty savages eager to rule the world.
Iowa had a lot to fear from a German invasion. The book  called "The Peril of Prussianism" contains
maps and observations about the imminent danger of "Prussianism" creeping across the globe to rule
the world. It was created at the request of "some Iowa bankers" and “contains the substance of an
address delivered by the writer before the annual convention of The Iowa Bankers Association at
Des Moines on June 14, 1917”. The bankers in turn later distributed it among the large and scary
German-born Iowa population in certain districts.
Some books are just plain fun, like "Malice In Kulturland" by Horace Wyatt. This warped version of
Alice joined the 10-feet-tall tale of the anti-German club in 1917. In this 84 page British missive,
Europe is tried for not being German and found guilty. It is embellished with graphic cartoons
featuring the ever-present German "Kultur" tatooed on slithering kaiser-beastie's tails.
During the war, Archer wrote on behalf of Wellington House's insidious propaganda mill, arguing that
Germany started the conflict and the innocent Allies were forced into defending the world against
German inhumanity and militancy. German "Kultur" was the target of the busy propagandists in both
Britain and the USA. More history perverted into hate poropaganda
For a mere shilling one could buy the 1916 'Scraps of Paper' with genuine, bona fide German
Proclamations in Belgium and France, complete with a foreword by Ian Malcolm, M.P. who tells us:
"The following pages contain reproductions of a series of inhuman documents, the careful perusal of
which may do something to supplement our exiisting information concerning the actual conditions
under which hundreds of thousands of our gallant Allies are now living (if "living" be the appropriate
word to denote so precarious an existence). Such documents require no explanation and no
comment. They are reduced photographic facsimiles of posters and placards, pasted by the Germans
on the walls of cities, towns and villages in invaded France and Flanders. The originals are in my
possession." Yep. The "originals were right under the author's bed next to a sneaky Hun.
"Neutral" America was invaded British tabloid style in 1916 when Henry Altemus Company boosted
its profits with H. Irving Hancock's "The Invasion of the United States", a four- book series depicting
an impending German invasion of the US in 1920-21, with a fantastically huge German navy. The
dastardly Germans launch a surprise attack and capture Boston. Of course, H. Irving Hancock's
"Uncle Sam's boys" put up heroic resistance, but alas, the Huns overrun all of New England and
New York, with their pickle helmets parading all the way to Pittsburgh until they are smashed by
loyal, brave, pimpley American pubescent boys.
For an author of hundred and hundreds of childrens fiction books and series, very little is known
about the shadowy H. (assumed to stand for "Harrie") Irving Hancock (pictured above) who was
supposedly an American chemist born in Massachusetts sometime near 1868 and married to a Nellie
Stein. He is described as a "prolific author who liked to work at night" and "it is thought that he was
once a journalist for a Boston newspaper who served as a war correspondent in Cuba and the
Philippines during the Spanish-American War". His life is cloaked in secrecy, but his books, including
the Conquest of the US series, contained all aspects of the 'war-preparedness' movement, whose goal
it was to embroil in World War One on the side of the Allies.
Henry Altemus Company and company poured out thousands of propaganda series books for boys
throughout the war, indoctrinating an entire generation with a war mentality. Our libraries and schools
and online auction houses are keeping up the work.