Hanns Schaitberger *1648.
Married c.1674  Maria Hirschpichler.
+1713 in Ollon/Schweiz. 9 children.
Hans and his family moved initially to Regensberg then to the Swiss Canton of Vaud (Waadt)
which was largely French-speaking. By 1694, he was listed as a miner/Bergmeister and
alternately known as Hantz Scheyperger. The name of his Dürrnberg-born son, Eustachius
Josef, appears in regular mine accounts as Josef Cheiberg (the phonetic French spelling of
Schaitberger), Bergmeister, in 1731. He is listed as having died in 1740.
It is unknown if he has name carriers.

Balthasar Schaitberger *1669. Married:
(1.)Sophia (Kambel) Brochenberger 1695. (2.) Catharina Wiendl. 1724
+20.02.1743 in Nürnberg. Balthasar had two sons with his first wife and two with his second
wife. He died in Nürnberg in poverty. The childrens' fates are unknown.
Balthasar was still in his homeland at the end of the year 1704 when the authorities detained
him for questioning as to his religious beliefs. He was secreted out of Berchtesgaden to
Nürnberg by his brother Joseph around 1705/1706.  
Balthasar apparently went too close to home
on another occasion as well.

In 1707, Georg Mezger, owner of the St. Paul Mezgerischen silver wire drawing company in
Nürnberg, the firm which employed Joseph, expressed concern to the Nürnberg city council
that his faithful employee of twenty years, Salzburger Simon Khambl, journeyed to Hallein to
visit his children who were living there with his sister. Khambl, together with Balthasar
Schaitberger, was arrested and detained for six weeks in Hallein.  

Maria Schaitberger *c.1654.
Married Simon Lindtner (Linder), Berchtesgaden 1680 +1714 in Nürnberg. 9 children (3 held
back). She accompanied Joseph into exile with her husband, Joseph's prison mate.

Anna Schaitberger *1667.
Married Michael (Lindter) Linder 1692.
+17.10.1737 in Schwabach (by Nürnberg).
7 children. Emigrated to Nürnberg.

Katharina Schaitberger *ca.1657.
Married Hans Schnaidmann 1685.
+1723  Berchtesgaden. 8 children.
Did not emigrate, but her husband remarried upon her death
and was part of the group that went to Holland.

Magdalena Schaitberger *1673.
Married Thoma Kranzbichler 1692.
+8.11.1711. Magdalena and her husband had 11 children. They didn't emigrate. After her
death, her husband remarried and some of the family left in the later exile for Holland.

Ursula Schaitberger *c.1650.
Married Philipp Grueber, Berchtesgaden 1683. +1704 Berchtesgaden.
6 children. Also 1 illeg. child (w/Hädl)
Ursula never left, and took care of their aging mother who also stayed behind.

Georg Schaitberger *ca.1665.
Married Margarethe Stangassinger 1702, Berchtesgaden. +1726 Nürnberg. 5 children.
According to records, Joseph's younger brother Georg was apparently
well-respected in Nürnberg and was buried at Johannisfriedhof.
He was a farmer and mountain man before emigration, and then became a Sweepmaster.
Joseph's Siblings
The Familie Schaitberger
After Joseph's exile, the family broke up and dispersed as so many others did. Almost all of his
immediate family found refuge in Nürnberg. This lengthy section follows the footsteps of Joseph's
descendants through the generations from their exile in their homeland to the twentieth century.
The Schaitberger family may have originated in the shadow of the Schaidberg mountain in the cold,
rugged Radstädter Tauern. Since 1489, Conrad Schaidberger was a Mayor of Radstadt and historians
suspect that the Tauernhaus Schaidberg was the home of the family Schaidberger until 1541 and in
any case, they may have been miners long before written records mention Caspar Schaidberger
(Schaitberger), born around 1565, almost twenty years after the death of Martin Luther. Caspar was
a woodcutter and mountain worker in the mining village of Dürrnberg, and his work, like others in
the area, was centered around the salt mines where many skills were necessary to the operation of
the mines. In old church records, Caspar married Dorothea Hadl in 1590. Caspar's son Johann, born
in 1591, also devoted his life to "work in the mountain".

Johann Schaitberger married Margaretha Moser in 1618 and they had at least four children. In 1629,
Johann bought a large Alpine house, and he died when the home burned in 1651. The turbulent
Thirty Years War was entirely encompassed in Johann's lifetime. The eldest of Johann's children was
Hanns, born in 1620 and he was a salt miner.

Joseph Schaitberger, born in Dürrnberg in 1658, was the middle of twelve children sired by Hanns
and his wife Magdalena (Thanner) of Berchtesgaden ( the mining cultures of Dürrnberg and
neighboring Berchtesgaden were all but one and the same. One tunnel deep in the Dürrnberg mine
actually went through the mountain to Berchtesgaden). At age eighteen, Joseph thus inherited the
debt-ridden family home worth 1,000 thalers upon his father's death.

In 1683, Joseph married Magdalena Khaembl of Berchtesgaden, and they had two little girls taken by
the church upon their exile. Magdalena died of a broken heart in Nürnberg. In 1692, Joseph
remarried fellow exile Catharina Brochenberger (1670-1697) of Berchtesgaden and they quickly had
four sons. Three died as infants and only one outlived his father, Philippus, born in 1692. Catharina
died in 1697, after only five years of marriage. Joseph never remarried.